Can You Go Swimming With Eyelash Extensions On?


Some women have pretty short natural eyelashes, and they have found hope in eyelash extensions. Others wear lash extensions for beautification. But can you go swimming with eyelash extensions? It’s a matter of all.

Yes, you can swim with eyelash extensions. However, never let the lash extensions wet just after application. Be cautious while swimming with eyelash extensions in ocean and pool water since salt water and chlorine impact the eyelash glue adversely. After the swim, clean the lashes using a lash cleanser.

Proper Way to Swim with False Eyelashes

Have you got your new lash set? Then double-check that the glue and lash adhesive are completely dry before you start whirling with your pals in the pool. It’s extremely important to keep your new lashes away from moisture and water for the first twenty-four hours.

Thanks to the chemical composition, your natural lashes, and the lash extensions stay attached by using a strong adhesive. And if you get your lashes wet too soon, the bond will weaken, resulting in premature shedding.

When you cross twenty-four hours after applying eyelash extensions, make sure that the lash glue is all set, and jump straight into the pool. You can also go for a drink with your friends or partner by the beach with your new lash to boast.


Swimming With Eyelash Extensions in the Ocean

You should always go for false eyelashes as they look prettier than strip lash extensions or mascara. Though you can go swimming in the ocean with eyelash extensions, there are mainly two elements that can potentially impact your lash extensions.

Water pressure and salt are the two threats that can harm your eyelash extension retention.

Retention Against Water Pressure

We all are familiar with the feeling of friction that happens when we rub our eyes. Well, the same friction happens due to the massive water pressure of the ocean on your fake eyelashes extensions. As a consequence, they eventually fall off earlier than usual.

A high-pressure shower can cause the same amount of friction on your lash extensions. Don’t let the shower stream fall on your lash extensions directly with high force. That way, the longevity of the eyelash extensions will reduce over the course of time.

Either way, your lash extensions will degrade before the usual time. If feel like taking a shower, make sure that the water pressure is moderate. Meanwhile, the brilliant idea is to wear goggles, and you’ll feel the importance of goggles during underwater swimming with eyelash extensions.


Retention Against Salt Water

Are you aware of the fun fact that table salt can release glued fingers? Try it if needed. Well, you need to know that salt water reacts with the lash glue negatively. And it doesn’t care if you’ve done the lashes before a week or a day.

Though we’re not here to teach you chemistry, we’re breaking down how salt water will damage your lashes. Salt’s nature is to absorb moisture, which is the glue used for the bonding. The salt breaks up the bond between your natural and fake lashes formed by the adhesive. 

Since the human body releases salt via sweat, a small amount won’t do much damage to your lashes. However, spending a long time can slowly decay your false eyelashes.

Swimming With Eyelash Extensions in the Pool

It is advised not to swim with eyelash extensions in pool water within four hours of applying. Along with that, you also need to grind your craving of immersing in the swimming pool for hours to extend the lifespan of your lashes.

Look, chlorine is used to remove bacteria from water; over-chlorinated water is obnoxiously harmful to the whole body. It damages natural lash, hair, and skin, including false eyelashes extensions. The dyed hair color changes to green, and the skin becomes itchy and flaky by the impact of high-chlorinated water.


By the way, you always have the best option, which is protective goggles for prolonging the lifespan of your lashes.

Retention Against Chlorine

Both chlorine and salt are pretty effective for disinfecting treated water. That being said, it affects the retention of lashes over time. When the adhesive of eyelash extensions gets in touch with the chlorine, it starts to descale, resulting in separating from the natural lashes.

No worries, you can go down to your swimming pool every few days, but avoid doing so recurrently. Because if you swim with eyelash extensions in a chlorinated pool or water regularly, you’ll have to say goodbye to your lashes soon.

Tips for Swimming With Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions undoubtedly boast elegance. You can swim in salt and chlorinate with your lashes. However, you must follow our care tips for prolonging the life span. 

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Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

The first stimulus that we often do after coming out from the ocean water or the pool is rubbing our faces and, most importantly, eyes. When you have your eyelash extensions wet, doing this reflex can take off your lashes out. That’s why you must avoid rubbing your eyes to keep your lash extensions safe.


No Mascara

Mascara is an eye makeup product that originated with oil though it beautifies the lash extensions and adds depth. Even if you opt for wearing waterproof mascara, you don’t need to apply lash extensions. Truth be told, waterproof mascara will leave you with raccoon eyes. You, therefore, had better go for a swim with eyelash extensions and leave mascara to avoid excess chemicals getting in touch with your lashes.

Protective Goggles

When it comes to swimming with eyelash extensions, extra protection is always a great idea. That being said, try using protective goggles to keep your expensive lashes moist-free, and they also look stylish.

However, you should avoid wearing excessively tight goggles, and they could bend, wrinkle, crimp or even crush your extension leading to further damage.

Less Sunscreen

During blazing days, sunscreen is undoubtedly going to save you. But if you’ve done eyelashes, you better add less sunscreen around your eyes and the lash line. Rather than swamping with oily particles, you can always wear a fabulous pair of goggles to protect your sensitive eyes. Your lashes won’t carry sunscreen, and your eyes will be safe from UV sun rays. It’s a win-win. 

Dry the Lashes

You must take proper care of your lash extensions as soon as you get out of hot tubs or a cooling swim. To keep your lash extensions in an exquisite state, pat them dry as quickly as possible. Such immediate care is essential when you get your eyelashes wet. Try taking a few small washcloths or cotton pads on the beach with you to dry up the lashes.


Process of Cleaning Lash Extensions After Swimming

We all know that cleansing helps extend the lifespan of almost any usable product, and Eyelash extensions are no exception.

You must clean eyelash extensions and include the process we’re going to discuss in your daily cleaning routine. You should clean up regularly if you wear makeup, have oily skin, and have eyelash extensions.

Choose Perfect Lash Cleanser 

Get yourself a lash cleanser that has the same ph balance as the natural tears of a human. You also need to make sure that it is oil-free or alcohol-free. If it’s not available at your reach, you can always take a brush or a clean mascara wand. That being said, don’t take any generic cleansers for cleansing. 

Applying the Cleanser

Fill a foaming bottle halfway with distilled water and add the cleaner. Then, using a soft makeup brush, wipe the foam over your eyelids in an up and down motion, making sure your lashes are coated.

You may also use a makeup brush to bubble up some cleanser by laying a few drops on your hands’ palms. Another thing to remember is to avoid splashing water straight in your face and allow fresh water to move down your face, washing the cleanser.


Rub Gently

Most of the time, people brush the extensions too hard, causing them to crumble. You need gently brush the foam over your lash extensions back and forth. Finally, rinse your lashes well to remove any remaining foam, and you thus will get extensions sparkling clean.

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Drying Up the Eyelash Extensions

After you’re done, steer clear of the chlorine, salt, and any last drop of debris from your eyelash extensions. Now you have to dry them up, and you can do that by following either of the two steps mentioned below.

Pat Your Face

Get a lint-free towel and pat your face gently. Remove solvents under your lashes by placing the towel. However, you better avoid your eye area from rubbing as you may lose fake and natural lashes at the end.

Cool Blow Drying

Switch to a cool-low setting instead of blowing hot air on your lashes. Brush your eyelash extensions gently with a clean mascara wand throughout this time. This is the most crucial step in drying your eyelashes since it will open them up and prevent clumping.